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Generally parents prefer to enroll the kids in the preparatory boarding schools as it provides elementary level education. The quality of these programs is high and it focuses on building the character of the young men and women. They are proffered college preparatory curriculum that assists them in pursuing higher education from good quality academy. In addition to the academic courses, boys and girls are also engaged in the physical training programs. The strict trainers guide the youth throughout the training process and help them to develop their personality. Most of the teenagers are interested in making their career as successful cadets and therefore for this purpose they opt for the military centers or boot camps to get consistent training programs. Facility of cadet training is provided to the youngsters that help them to prepare for a career in the military. The class sizes are small and the trainers encourage the youth to develop their potential to the fullest.

Most of the teenagers join the Catholic school in order to develop love and respect for Christianity and follow the discipleship of Jesus Christ. The programs offered to the youngsters are focused on fostering spirituality and sense of belongingness to other people. They are trained and guided by the professional counselors who proffer counseling sessions to develop them emotionally and ethically. They also instill integrity, honor and respect in the adolescents. The Catholic boarding school not only builds the character but also develop the life long learning skills. The trainers provide the tips to the teenagers to succeed in their life and also trained to become future leaders and dedicated citizens. Boarding and lodging facility is provided to the youngsters where they live in dormitories. Carrying out all the activities in groups helps them to develop team spirit.

There are separate military training centers for boys and girls that provide specialized courses as per the needs of the individuals. Young men are prepared for a military career by engaging them in the physical training programs. Teenagers are made to follow the strict rules so that they learn to become disciplined and recognize their responsibility towards their family and society. School for young women proffer safe and compassionate environment so as to make them feel protective and comfortable. The environment of these academies is less stringent as compared to that for young men. These single gender academies provide full support and care to the adolescents and for the teenagers who are facing minor behavioral disorders a specialized treatment program are also facilitated. It helps the youth to cope up the issues such as depression, low self esteem and feeling of ignorance. Review more details on various types of military schools for boys and girls by visiting the links on the website